Thursday, August 9, 2012

It is Money!

Even though devotees represent by far the majority of those with an interest in amputees and amputation, outside of the Web they are almost unheard of, and there is certainly very little information about them in academic and medical literature. Renowned Johns Hopkins University psychologist John Money, along with Gregg Furth and Russell Jobaris, published the first scholarly article on devotees in 1977. The article, “Apotemnophilia: Two Cases of Self-Demand Amputation as a Paraphilia,” appeared in the Journal of Sex Research and detailed the case histories of two men who sought treatment at the psychohormonal research unit at Johns Hopkins. Both men expressed a sexual attraction to amputees and wished to become amputees themselves. Money termed their erotic obsession for amputated limbs “acrotomophilia” and their desire to become amputees themselves “apotemnophilia.”

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