Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DEVOTEE man… Why amputee woman?

Why amputee woman?

Many amputees, especially females, find it very hard to accept that males can be attracted to them because of their disability. This is most probably linked to the taboo about sexuality associated with disability. Amputees are non-sexual persons and this often includes the disabled themselves. Being attracted to someone else who happens to be disabled is perceived as suspect, and when this person admits that it is the disability that was the primary attractor then fuses are blowing and you'll hear many disconcerting comments. There might be many reasons for someone to be attracted to someone else who is disabled, but actually the moral matter is not about the reasons but about the ways.
Whatever the reasons why devotee feels him attracted to amputee, and there can't possibly be 'normal' definitions in this area. What important is that both parties be OK with it. This means that the Devotee should make it clear early in the relationship about his motivations and that the partner acknowledges there is nothing intrinsically wrong about it, providing the attraction is focused on the person, who is an Amputee, and not to the amputation itself or the associated helping devices such as crutches, prosthesis or wheelchair. This would be fetishism and another matter altogether. It is important to know that many Devotees are actually fetishists, which can be quite problematic in a relationship as the focus of the attraction is an inanimate object and not a person.
I am wondering why most men feel attracted to the amputee women. I already conducted research but it doesn’t help me to find out “why”? Even some devotee men that I asked - they don’t know “why”?

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