Tuesday, August 21, 2012



It is commonly accepted that many men are attracted to women with large breasts or long, slender legs, or lustrous blonde hair. However, other men are equally drawn to very petite women, women with dark hair, or wide hips. Some men are drawn sexually to other men. These and many other variations of sexual attraction are well known and usually accepted. The fact that some men are attracted to individuals who are missing one or more limbs is less well known but no less definite. The individuals who are attracted to amputees are often known as "amputee devotees."
To many amputees the concept that someone would find the remnant of their amputated limb sexually appealing is surprising and perhaps even incredible. It flies in the face of reason that an amputation makes them more rather than less attractive to another person. Especially while the amputee is struggling with crucial issues of self-acceptance, body image, and self-worth, the concept that someone finds their amputation especially appealing may be highly disconcerting. Their tolerance of the concept of amputee devotees may be nonexistent. If the amputee is questioning his or her desirability, how can anyone else find him or her desirable?

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