Tuesday, August 21, 2012



I was curious about devotee. Why they feel attracted to the amputee. So I conducted research about them. There are a few articles in the scientific literature that mention this attraction for amputees and there are a few articles in the popular press that also mention it. There is no adequate scientific explanation of why some people feel this attraction to people with amputations but there is also no verified explanation for the other aspects of human sexual interest. My purpose of this article is not to try to explain the inexplicable, it is simply to inform amputees that amputee devotees exist so that amputees may make more intelligent and valid choices.
No one has ever conclusively show why one person is romantically or sexually attracted to another. Certainly many factors are involved in an attraction including physical appearance, grooming, ability to speak well, wit, financial resources, intelligence, thoughtfulness and many others. Some of these factors seem to be much more important in the initial attraction process than others. Physical appearance seems to be the primary attractor for most men and probably many women. Only after the personal contact is made, following initial attraction, is it possible to find out enough about the other person to identify the wit, intelligence, thoughtfulness, fidelity and other more important and lasting qualities.

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