Thursday, August 9, 2012

Guidelines for Responsible Devotee Behaviour

Guidelines for Responsible Devotee Behaviour

These guidelines (slightly modified here) were found on the net . They sound like good advice for us all.

1. Don't break eye contact with a disabled person. It makes them feel like rejected. Did you know that when you look away quickly, disabled people notice? Just look them straight in the eye, smile and say hello.

2. Try to put yourself in the position of one who sometimes has a difficult time. That's nothing more than common courtesy, really.

3. Try not to make stereotypical judgements about the abilities of others.

4. Remember that a physically, visually, or hearing challenged person's problems are most likely not related to cognitive skills. Don't assume they know less than you do.

5. If people regularly levitated and zoomed around, they might call you disabled for using your legs to move. Disability is relative.

6. Don't call disabled people courageous just because they're doing things you might not have the motivation or inclination to do. It feels patronizing.

7. Most of all, just try to be a caring human being. If it looks like someone needs help, then offer them help whether they're disabled or not.

8. Don't stalk disabled people, or anyone else for that matter.

9. Only photograph disabled people with their permission.
10. When  online chatting ask questions about disabled person's beliefs, ideas,  family, education, likes, character then how they do things.  Do not focus on their condition.
11. Do not ask them to get mobility devices they do not want.
12. Do not ask for free pictures and videos.

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