Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco is a writer and illustrator of children's books.  She did not start writing children's books until she was 41 years old!  Patricia majored in Fine Art and received her Ph.D. in Art History.  Ms. Polacco now lives on an old historical farmstead in Union City, Michigan.  She named her farmstead Meteor Ridge.  You can read all about the meteor that landed in Ms. Polacco's grandparents' yard by reading her book Meteor.  For more information on this and other books Ms. Polacco has written, visit her website at

The unique thing about Patricia Polacco is that she has been writing children's books even after she was diagnosed as having Dyslexia, Dysnumeria and Dysgraphia at the age of 14.  Patricia did not learn to read well until after she was 14 years old.  A teacher was able to get the additional help Ms. Pollaco needed to overcome her reading problems!  Ms. Pollaco has written a book about her experiences and this teacher who helped her.  The book is titled Thank You, Mr. Falker.  You can find information about this book at the website mentioned above.  Enjoy!

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